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Frequently Asked Questions
If you wish to know more about our body piercing services or if your questions have not been answered,
please do not hesitate to contact Piercing Pavilion

A body piercing studio should be a clean and well maintained space, using sterilised jewellery, tools and disposable needles. Staff should be knowledgeable piercers who can provide information on jewellery, piercings, troubleshooting and aftercare. All of these are practiced and observed at Piercing Pavilion.

Piercing procedures can cause some discomfort such as a pinch, sting or pressure. However they are a quick procedure and your piercer will talk you through the piercing. Most people are surprised at how painless it is.

All skin penetrating procedures have risks involved. The main risk and concern amongst customers is infection. Our piercings are performed in a clean sterile environment following state mandated regulations. We also provide customers with aftercare instructions and a sterile saline spray to ensure their piercing heals properly. Customers are also encouraged to contact their piercer if they have any questions.

The piercing appointment is usually 10-15 minutes, including filling out paperwork, picking out jewellery, prepping the skin and marking up. However the actual piercing and insertion of jewellery takes a few seconds.

We pierce with hypoallergenic titanium jewellery. We also carry surgical steel for healed piercings.

Yes, we offer piercing for both children and infants lobes in a safe, sterile environment. We pierce infants from 6 months of age.

At 6 weeks we recommend you come back for a downsize of the original bar. You are able to change the top at this time. Rings you have to wait 3 months before changing. We offer jewellery change overs for a small service fee.

Following aftercare provide at your appointment is essential to a successful healing process. Avoid touching and if you have any questions contact your piercer.

Call us or just walk in.

Lobe Piercings - We perform lobe piercings from 6 months. Under 16's must have parent/legal guardian to consent for them.

Standard Piercings - We perform needle piercings from 13 years old, However there are age requirements for certain piercings. Under 16's must have parent/legal guardian to consent for them

Nipple and Intimate Piercings - you must be 18 years of age with valid photo ID.

Every customer at Piercing Pavilion needs to provide a valid form of Photo ID - acceptable ID cards are State-issued Photo ID, Drivers License, Student Photo ID, Military ID or Passport.
We do not accept a photo of the ID, must be on NSW Service app or the card in person.

Under 16s - Parent must provide their Photo ID and the Medicare card you're both on.

You're welcome to bring a support person, they will be asked to wait outside the piercing room, with the exception of minors and their parent.

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