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Safe Piercing

Here at Piercing Pavilion, we provide only the highest standard in body piercing in a safe and hygienic environment

Hypo-allergenic Jewellery

You can be confident knowing that we only used the best quality hypo-allergenic jewellery

Professional Team

Our team is consists of highly trained and experienced piercers who are able to provide professional body piercing Sydney with absolute precision and expertise.

Professional Body Piercing

Body Piercing
Piercing Pavilion has safest jewellery for piercing
  • Belly Piercing
  • Nipple Piercing
  • Surface Piercing
  • Hand Piercing
  • Skin Divers Piercing
  • Other Dermal Anchor
Facial and Nose Piercing
Piercing Pavilion offers safe baby ear piercing,
  • Septum Piercing
  • Lip Piercing
  • Tongue Piercing
  • Snake Bites Piercing
  • Nose Piercing
  • Dimple Piercing
  • Eyebrow Piercing
  • Smiley Piercing
Ear Piercing
safe piercing and fashionable piercing jewellery, https://www.piercingpavilion.com.au
  • Ear Lobe Piercing
  • Child Ear Lobe Piercing
  • Daith Piercing
  • Conch Piercing
  • Helix Piercing
  • Forward Helix Piercing
  • Tragus Piercing
  • Rook Piercing
  • Snug Piercing
Genital Piercing
Best price piercing jewellery, https://www.piercingpavilion.com.au
Female Genital Piercing
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Male Genital Piercing
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Piercing Prices

Standard Price

For conch, daith, eybrow, helix, lip, belly, nose, rook, snug, tragus, Piercing Price is $45

Jewellery Price

For Titanium Jewellery Add: $10

Aftercare Product Price

For antiseptic spray, saline spray, oral spray and other Prices Starts at $12
Piercing Requirements:
great prices body piercing jewellery | https://www.piercingpavilion.com.au/
Piercing Pavilion perform piercings on minors and adults with the proper IDs and parental consent where required.
For minors, parent/guardian must be present during the piercing and/or provide all required paperwork.
Standard Piercings - you must either be 16 years of age with valid photo ID, OR, you must have written consent from your parent/guardian.
Nipples - you must be 18 years of age with valid photo ID.
Genitals - you must be 18 years of age with valid photo ID.
Acceptable ID cards include: State-issued photo ID, Drivers License, Military ID, and Passport. A government issued photo ID of the parent/guardian.
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Shop 103 (near Coffee Club)
Toombul Shopping Centre
1015 Sandgate Road
Nundah QLD 4012
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Business Hours
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Monday:      9.00 - 5.30
Tuesday:      9.00 - 5.30
Wednesday: 9.00 - 5.30
Thursday:    9.00 - 9.00
Friday:         9.00 - 5.30
Saturday:    9.00 - 5.00
Sunday:      10.00 - 5.00

For Toombul
Same as the Liverpool except
Sundays:    10.00 - 4.00