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“Piercing you can trust”
Piercing Pavilion takes your piercings seriously and piercings are all we do!!

We know we need to win your trust and that’s why we take hygiene, safety, and using the correct piercing materials so seriously.

Full range of piercings

We understand that you are unique! We have a huge range of jewellery and are delighted to discuss your ideas for exactly what piercing you desire. We have brochures for you to look through to give you more ideas.

Ear lobe piercing

We use sterile, single use, pre-packaged piercing earrings that we have tested 1000’s of times. If you prefer needle piercing we do that too.

After-care Products

After-care products are recommended to you so you heal up safely and enjoy your new piercing.

Follow-up Visits

Follow-up visits to the shop are recommended and free-of-charge so we can check how you are healing up and provide advice if you have any concerns.
Have your hole new experience with us!
Reach out to us in any way the suits you.